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It all started in 2012, when the Risorse Cooperativa team embarked on a journey towards the development of an active, sustainable and responsible tourism within the Marche hinterland. We were guided and united by our true love for the land we were born and raised in, and the belief that this type of tourism could be an impressive way to grant economic sustainability as well as environmental protection to local realities. Our approach has never changed over the years, and we now believe that it is increasingly important to focus on responsibility, respect and attention to the territory crossed by our routes.

Among the other things, we started off by building a team, that is, gathering people, ideas and professionalism all together, as “cooperation” means to us getting to know each other and sharing experiences and visions of the world in the first place. This approach has so far been kept within our cooperative and also outside, which is why we have always joined forced with many people from the Marche region working in the field of tourism (small producers, lodge managers, guides, artisans, etc.), who have actually turned out to be a personal as well as professional enrichment to us.

As a result, we were pleasantly deemed to meet ViaggieMiraggi tour operator, the responsible tourism network (visit, which we have joined as a partner since 2019. We share our vision of tourism with the large family of ViaggieMiraggi, who like us believes that people count first and foremost at work, and this is not a cliché for us to stand out, but it is our very first rule.

So, if in 2012 our activities were limited to hiking day trips and bicycle touring guides, we are now providing services in every field of ​​active and sustainable tourism, from one-day trips to tours of a week or more. Hiking, walking, school trips, rivering, bicycle touring, and much more.

Marche Active Tourism will get and guide you from the peaks of the Sibillini Mountains to the beaches of Monte Conero, from the gentle hills dotted with villages in the Macerata province to the charms of Montefeltro and Piceno areas. You will walk along paths where the gaze gets lost in magical landscapes, visit small artisan shops or succulent butcher shops, meet local associations, and go cycling across enchanted woods.

In 2020, the Marche Active Tourism project was even more empowered by the establishment of collaborative working relationships with the Balaclava Trekking friends (all from the Marche region). Being Expert Hiking Guides and Tour Leaders, we made up our mind with Marta, Maurizio, Niki and Tommaso so as to undertake a new challenge. Though technically defined as “Developing Inbound Tourism in the Marche region”, to us it means having the travelers not interested in mass-tourism getaways get to know and experience life in the Marche region, and respond to their willingness to become familiar with the territory step by step, look after look, and ride after ride.

If you have read this far, you should know us a little better now. So, we are ready to travel together.